NEW Volunteer Clearance Policy

Policy for Manna volunteers

The Pennsylvania Act 153 Volunteer Compliance Policy applies to all adults (age 18 and older) applying for or holding an unpaid position as a volunteer at Manna on Main Street.

According to Pennsylvania Act 153, as of Aug. 25, 2015, all adult volunteers at Manna on Main Street are required to obtain the certifications listed prior to commencement of service.

Certifications apply to all current and/or potential volunteers having direct contact with minors because they provide care, supervision, guidance or control of children, or have routine interaction with minors at our facility or in Manna sponsored programs, activities or services at a different location and engaged in volunteer-based company business.

Examples of direct contact or routine interaction include, but are not limited to, training and/or working with volunteers under age 18, assisting with programs for children, supervision of minors during receptionist duty, etc.

Mandated by Pennsylvania Act 153, volunteers must renew all certifications every 60 months (5 years). 

Group volunteers

All groups must have at least one adult designated as the Group Leader, and he/she must be present at the time of service. The Group Leader must also submit all required clearances on or before the date of service.

Send required paperwork to indicate the Group Leader’s name and organization in the message.

Mandatory clearances

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Expectations of all volunteers

Under no circumstances will any volunteer who does not or refuses to comply with the PA Act 153 Volunteer Policy be permitted to volunteer at Manna.

Any volunteer whose clearances indicate status of conviction or named perpetrator of child abuse or any disqualifying offenses under 23 Pa.C.S.A. §6344(b), or Title 18 of Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes or equivalent crime in another state, territory or commonwealth or foreign nation will be immediately dismissed from volunteer service at Manna.

If, at any time during volunteer service at Manna, a volunteer is arrested for, convicted of, or named as perpetrator in a founded or indicated report of any aforementioned disqualifying offenses, he or she must provide the Volunteer Director and Work Skills Coordinator (or in his/her absence, the Executive Director) with written notice no later than 72 hours after the arrest, conviction or notification. Failure to do so within the required time is grounds for immediate dismissal from volunteer service.