Holiday Program

Hope for the Holidays

This program is closed for 2015, thank you to all of the holiday sponsors!

If you want to continue to support the families we serve, please give a financial contribution. Thank you!

Last year, contributions helped approximately 600 boys and girls. With your help, we can make the holidays magical once again for these children in our community! We look forward to your participation in making this season happy and memorable for the families Manna serves!

  • This program will distribute gift cards for each child in the program. Giving gift cards aligns with the mission of our choice food pantry, and it especially gives parents the dignity and joy of providing their children gifts and items that they need. We hope to distribute at least $75 in gift cards per child in the program.
  • Donors may also contribute gifts for children and families in these categories only: new books for children & teens, hats/gloves/scarves, coloring books & crayons, diapers & wipes, new bed sheets.
  • You, as a donor, will benefit with the flexibility of purchasing a gift card in an amount that works for your holiday budget! We will track all holiday program contributions and provide you with a record of your tax-deductible donation.

More questions answered below in our Frequently Asked Questions.

We are so grateful for your support. Your cooperation is appreciated as this change will enable us to best serve our clients and allow our staff to focus on our core mission of ending hunger in the North Penn region.


Will you still assign donors a specific child?

No. We are collecting gift cards for popular stores that many families can access. We will distribute those gift cards equally across children in our program.

I like to shop for children and do not want to give a gift card. What are my options?

We understand and want to accommodate your way of giving. We are accepting general gifts that we will offer to families at our distribution. They will not be assigned to specific children. If you wish to contribute to this, we are accepting new books for all ages of children and teens; new gloves, hats, and scarves in all sizes; diapers and wipes for babies and toddlers; crayons, coloring books, and art supplies; and new bed sheets in twin sizes for any ages. This will help us meet the additional needs of families and children this time of year. Please do not gift-wrap these items.

What amount should the gift card be?

We are offering flexibility to donors, and asking for gift cards in $25 denominations. We will combine those cards to be able to offer children a total of $75-100 each.

What stores should the gift cards be for?

In order to best serve parents in the program who will be shopping for their children, we ask for gift cards to be for vendors that offer many shopping options. Gift cards that will accommodate most of our families should be for Target, Walmart, Amazon, or a Visa Gift Card.

What is the date that everything should be delivered to Manna?

Please bring any gift cards and gifts to Manna during business hours. The deadline this year is Tuesday, December 8.

Thank You Sponsors!

Photo by LNW Photography

A big THANK YOU to everyone who came out to join us for the Human Chain (of Caring)! We moved roughly 1,200 pieces of food with the help of about 1,000 people. We are so grateful for all of your help and support (and that the rained stayed away!).

Please click here to see images from the event.