Manna is on the Move!

Chain_MG_72821.3-Mile Human Chain and Walk to North Penn Commons

On Sunday, September 18th, from 1-3pm, Manna’s supporters will create a human chain, standing hand in hand to pass food from our current location at 713 West Main Street to North Penn Commons (NPC) at 606-608 East Main Street.  We will need about 1,575 individuals to stand with us to connect our current location to our future home at NPC.  As a symbolic move, we will pass cans and boxes of food down the human chain to our new location.  Afterwards, folks will have an opportunity to walk together to NPC and enjoy a refreshing Rita’s Water Ice and more!


Registration has passed but we hope you consider giving a financial gift by purchasing a Well Wishes ad or taking part in our Volunteer Challenge. Thank you for standing with Manna!



Send Manna Your “Well Wish” Extended to Sept. 9th!

This year we will be dedicating a Special Edition Newsletter to our move to North Penn Commons (NPC). In honor of this exciting time at Manna, please make a donation or buy  a “Well Wishes” ad that will be published in the newsletter.

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We have 3 donors, Discover Lansdale, Megan and Robert Hausler and 2 anonymous donors, who have agreed to MATCH up to $3,000! Donate TODAY to help us reach our $10,000 goal!

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For more questions, contact Maureen Plover
215-855-5454 x25 or